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We offer the best programs for you to become a soccer professional. In addition, our coaches will give you the attention you deserve and what you need. You will become an excellent player.

We are expert soccer coaches

The level of learning depends a lot on the environment in which you learn

You will learn in a positive and fun learning environment. Classes are designed to hone technical skills. Our good coaches will give you personalized attention.

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Querétaro FC Club of Mexico

We are an official school, of the Querétaro FC club of Mexico, our goal is to forge both male and female players, promote them for a student scholarship, be a soccer competition and be professionals.

With our academy, you will learn in a positive and fun learning environment. We always try to teach you good skills, such as offensive and defensive tactical awareness and learn various strategies. That is our main goal for you. That is why we have the best coaches, to do a good job and create professional footballers.